Who am I?

A little about me

Hi There!

I’m Julie,  a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor; here to offer you a friendly and in-depth service, designed to select what is best suited for your needs.

As a pluralistic practitioner.  I am trained in different approaches to counselling.  I always work from a person-centred base, but I also draw on CBT and Psychodynamic models depending on your needs.  

This means I can offer you a personalised, specific counselling experience, which allows you to reflect on what is happening to you and by making your own choices, consider alternative ways of doing things. Together we will create a personalised toolbox to help you move forward to a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

I use psychological theory and up to date research in therapeutic work to help my clients with a variety of problems. These problems can include (but not limited to) anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, addiction, self-esteem, difficult life issues and mental health conditions.



Membership with National Counselling Society

Prof.Dip Psy C Psychotherapeutic Counselling | Cert. Hyp CS Hypnotherapy | Cert Working with Couples | Dip Bereavement support  | Cert. Working with Domestic Violence